Autumn Decorating: Planters

Beautiful Fall container garden from Widwest Living.

One of the best parts of the autumn season is getting to decorate the exterior of your home. Once September begins you get to put away the bright colors and summer flowers and bring out the greenery and rustic décor. A great place to start is revamping your planters for fall.

The first step is getting a great planter or container like the Rectangular Rockport Planter. The planter’s larger size gives you lots of space to work with and it’s white exterior goes with every style décor in a variety of seasons. If you want to create something smaller you can find a vintage bucket or barrel, something old looking and rustic.

Grass: One of the best materials to use in your fall planter is a variety of grasses to give you that harvest feel. A great started is blue fescue, a blueish grass that looks great offsetting warmer colored flowers. Another option is rubygrass, which gives off the perfect harvest look with a touch of pink. If you don’t want the pink but do want the long, yellowish blades go for fountaingrass (or purple fountaingrass if you want some color.) Other popular options include indiangrass, and feather reedgrass.

Greenery: Greenery is another important aspect of an autumn planter. Since color flowers tend to fade away in autumn adding a lot of green plants to your planter gives it more of a seasonal and transitional look. With the grass and flowers utilize green plants like rosemary, Efanthia, flowering kale, licorice plant, and sage. In different ways all add some much needed green to a harvest arrangement. Efanthia is one of the most popular and most versatile.

Flowers: Colorful flowers are always seasonal but many won’t stand up in the cooling weather. In your autumn planter utilize flowers that can take the cold. Focus on chrysanthemums, celosias, mums, sedums, zinnias, asters, and pentas. The most colorful and versatile are chrysanthemums, which come in a variety of hues including a deep burgundy, light violet, and warm orange.

When creating your arrangement consider your overall theme. Do you want something representative of the harvest? If so stick with a variety of grasses and warm colored flowers, go easy on the lively greens. If you want something more representative of the autumn leaves go crazy with the color and greens. Your creation is your own. To make it truly breathtaking be sure to have at least three different plants included.



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