Autumn Exterior Lighting

As the leaves fall from the trees the days get shorter and shorter. Now is the ideal time to invest in some exterior lighting to make your walkways safer and a bit more stylish.

Exterior lighting doesn’t have to be extensive to be effective. A simple lantern and post installation can provide just enough light to prevent falls as people go in and out of your home in the dark.

Combination Lighting

A Hammond Post and Montgomery Lanterns light up this home.

A Hammond Post and Montgomery Lanterns light up this home.

If you love the look of a lantern and post but want a little bit more light a combination of post mounted and side mounted lanterns might be right for your home.

This home employs both a lovely Montgomery Post Mount lantern on a Hammond Post next to the driveway as well as a few Montgomery Side Mount lanterns flush with the front door. This gives off more illumination while also adding a bit of flourish with the matching lantern style.

The post and side mount lantern combination is a great way to add some curb appeal to your home as well.


Lanterns & Posts


The Hammond Lantern Post and Lexington Lantern

Our most popular exterior lighting setups is the lantern and lantern post. Whether your style is classic or contemporary you can find a combination that best suits your taste.

You can place a lantern and post near the front entry, at the end of the driveway or by a walkway – wherever you like!

One of our most popular combinations is the classic Hammond Lantern Post and the Lexington Post Mount Lantern. This duo creates a handsome welcome in front of any home.


Side-Mounted Lighting

The Lexington Side Mount Lantern

The Lexington Side Mount Lantern

If you want to add some light to your homes’ exterior but don’t want to install a post you can simply choose a side-mount lantern.

These lanterns give you the same light and style as their post-mounted counterparts. Simply install on a wall near your doorway or wherever you need the extra light.


You can find dozens of lantern and lantern post styles at any Walpole Outdoors location, in our catalog or online. Browse Lantern styles & Lantern Post styles.



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