Autumn Exterior Lighting – Photos


The Arlington Post features recessed panels on two sides and a decorative collar topped with beautiful Beacon Lantern.

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The Augusta Lantern is a great choice for a hanging lighting piece.


Walpole’s classic Hammond lantern post is as eye-catching as it is practical topped with the Vidalia Onion Lantern.


Standing proudly at the entrance to this home is a classic Hammond lantern post with handcrafted mortised sign bracket and sophisticated sign. On top is Classic post mount lantern.

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The Plantation Flush Mount Lantern is a great choice for overhead lighting.


The right angle turn of a classic Chestnut Hill picket fence can become an opportunity to make an impressive, creative decision. Shown here, for example, is a stately Walpole pillar post with a handsome lantern on top.


Here, a Walpole customer chose an Oyster Bay accent radius fence section with a convex top. They matched it with a stately Lindsey pillar post, an arm bracket with sign, and topped it with a Beacon Lantern.


The Plantation Post Mount Lantern is a classic yet unique lantern.


The Old Colony Post Mount Lantern is an example of early American style with candelabra lamps.


One of Walpole’s most popular lantern post and lantern combination is chosen for its quality and enduring style seen here with Montgomery lantern.

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A New England favorite onion lantern with clear glass.


The Montgomery Lantern is a beautiful and classic light piece. It illuminates with a three candle lighting element.


The traditional Beacon Lantern looks stately paired with the Arlington Pillar Post.


This walkway is lined with Vidalia Onion lanterns, a New England favorite onion lantern with clear glass.


Two Old Colony Side Mount Lanterns frame a doorway.


As impressive by day as it is when illuminating the night, the Walpole Hammond post and Lexington lantern are investments in your home’s overall appearance.


The Seafarer Lantern is the perfect choice for a nautical look.


A Jefferson lantern sits atop a post attached to this beautiful Nantucket Picket Fence.



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