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Lovely Lantern – Photo Gallery

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3 Hearty Houseplants To Liven Up Your Space

There is nothing quite as invigorating as being surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers. But how can you create that same feeling inside your home? Not all plants are ideal for inside the home. Many plants and flowers require a … Continue reading

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Commercial Outdoor Lighting Solutions

One of the most popular items this time of year is lighting – lanterns, landscape lighting and so on. Many locations outside your business or home could use some good lighting for safety and enjoyment. Illuminated Pergola Beams If you have a pergola or … Continue reading

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Let There Be Light!

Add some stylish light to your home! At Walpole Outdoors we have a large catalogue of lanterns in every style imaginable. Add one to a post at the end of your driveway or at your front door for safety or … Continue reading

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Bringing Life To Your Winter Landscape

Winter is a dark and cold time – but it doesn’t have to be a downer. Adding life to your yard or winter garden isn’t as hard as you think and can be done in a span of only a … Continue reading

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Small Touches: Mailboxes & Mail Posts

Small additions to your home or yard can make a huge impact in how you see your space. One of the best little changes you can make is adding a quality mailbox and mail post. A sturdy and classically designed … Continue reading

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Gifting 2018: Door Knockers

Give the gift of a great first impression! This holiday give your friends and family a gift they, and their guests, will see every single day – a custom Walpole doorknocker! Walpole doorknockers are beautifully crafted and one of a … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Guide 2018

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Gifting 2018: Birdhouses

Gifting giving is an art form. What do they want? What do they need? What are their interests this year? Luckily there are a few tried and true gifts that every homeowner can appreciate and get years of use out … Continue reading

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Autumn Lantern Post Decor

An important part of your homes’ autumn exterior is a lantern post. As the days grow shorter it is more and more important that your entryways are well lit for safety and security. A lantern post with lantern is one of … Continue reading

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