Adding Interest To Your Home – Photos


A basic garage door is transformed into an impressive and imaginative architectural structure.


Here, the trellis is complemented by a delightful Nantucket picket fence that defines an inviting outdoor room.


The distinguished Montgomery post mount lantern and matching side-mount lantern are crafted in antique brass.


The magnificent Montgomery lantern, an ideal complement to the Hammond Post.


Here, a Walpole customer chose an Oyster Bay accent radius fence section with a convex top. They matched it with a stately Lindsey pillar post, an arm bracket with sign, and topped it with a Beacon Lantern.


Standing proudly at the entrance to this home is a classic Hammond lantern post with handcrafted mortised sign bracket and sophisticated sign. On top is Classic post mount lantern.


A beautiful first impression. The Hammond post with Vidalia post mount lantern.


A fine example of the positive impact of curb appeal is reflected in this impressive and stately Arlington pillar post – topped with a handsome Beacon lantern.


A handcrafted cellular PVC trellis presentation can smartly enhance your garage doors with a distinctive flair, while complementing the architecture of your home.


Always a classic, Walpole’s 25 foot commercial flagpole can withstand winds of up to 120 mph.


Customize your home! Our hand carved Mahogany signs are as distinctive as they are functional.


Curb appeal for days! This property’s perimeter is graced by a Westchester picket fence with fascias and kickboards.


A graceful backdrop to flowering plants at this home’s entranceway, Walpole’s Chestnut Hill fence section rises gently to join a stately Wenham pillar post with an attached lantern.


These homeowners chose charming Chippendale side panels as a distinctive decorative touch for their entranceway Spindle Top arbor. The cedar fence is a two-rail Manchester style that defines a border with strength, dignity, and good taste.


Out front of this charming Connecticut residence is Walpole’s classic Chestnut Hill fence with a matching concave-topped gate.


A stylish Chestnut Hill picket gate sets the tone as an inviting entrance to this home’s enclosed courtyard area. A distinctive concave Annisquam scalloped top is set between square Wenham posts.


Charm meets formal elegance in this AZEK pergola that presents an inviting walk from driveway to doorway.


A lattice is a great way to liven up the exterior of your home.


Creating an inviting entranceway, our standard Brookfield arbor frames a scallop topped Westchester gate.


The right angle turn of a classic Chestnut Hill picket fence can become an opportunity to make an impressive, creative decision.



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