Adding Architectural Interest To Your Home

What exactly is architectural interest and why should I care?

Simply put architectural interest or architectural detail is simple additions to the structure of your home to make its construction more dynamic and interesting. Adding more architectural detail can take a simple space into one with enormous charm and curb appeal. Small touches can make a space look more unique and pleasing to the eye.

Generally to add this interest you work with the structures and angles that already exist on the interior and exterior of your home. Adding some architectural interest to the exterior of your home can really change the look of your space and provide a boost to curb appeal.


Trellis Systems

AZEK Large Span Trellis System – North Kingstown, RI

AZEK Large Span Trellis System – North Kingstown, RI

A great way to add architectural interest to your homes’ exterior is with a trellis system. A trellis is an architectural system that uses clean lines to frame entryways, windows and provide space for climbing plants to flourish on your home.

Many homeowners add trellis systems over doorways or windows to heighten the otherwise generic looking space. Trellis systems can add a ton of charm to the exterior of any building with simplicity.


Architectural Elements

Beautiful Cellular Vinyl Dentils on a home.

Beautiful Cellular Vinyl Dentils on a home.

There are many other elements you can utilize when adding architectural interest to your home. You can opt to add stylish raised window panels to enhance the look of your windows. Dentils are also a great way to add some interest to your home. The custom vinyl moldings add a touch of unique detail to cornices.

Other architectural upgrades include cellular vinyl fascia boards, rafter tails, corbels, and custom pillar posts. Some large additions can include lovely attached pergolas or entryway structures.




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