5 Mid-Summer Projects

We’re deep in the midst of summer and there’s no better time to get those outdoor projects done. Before the evening sunlight begins to fade and the leaves fall, get that outdoor list fully checked off.

1. Take Charge of Storage

The Pine Harbor collection of sheds and small buildings includes the Pine Harbor Classic Shed Series and the Pine Harbor Signature Building Series.

The Pine Harbor collection of sheds and small buildings includes the Classic Shed Series and the Signature Building Series.

When winter hits you are going to hurry to store all of your tools, planters, pots and other outdoor accessories. Now is the best time to get storage squared away – you have time to shop and time to build.

You can take the leap and finally get that beautiful and spacious storage shed you’ve always had your eye on or go for something that will meet the needs of right now like the Cedar Cubby storage unit. Now is also time to tackle the constant struggle of pool area storage. Never lose a noodle again!

2. Add A Visual Focus

It’s always wise to do your building when the ground isn’t frozen solid. So that’s why now is the time to get started on that outdoor visual focus. Whether a sculpture, fountain or structure a visual focus is a piece of decor that ties your outdoor space together. Now is a great time to shop for ideas and get your yard ready for installation.

3. Try Raised Beds

If you love to garden but don’t have the best area or soil for gardening trying your hand at a raised bed could be beneficial before the summer comes to a close. Raised beds allow you to garden with better soil conditions on top of your yard or spruce up an area with a little contained nature. You can buy quality cedar raised beds from us or build your own!

4. Fix Your Fence

If you’re fence isn’t pristine and you aren’t ready for a new one take time this summer to make repairs and prep for the coming cold. Now is the time to make fixes to your wood fence to keep it functional and vertical for the winter. Take some time to repaint or stain and sure up any areas lacking structural integrity. Getting this done while the sun is shining will make your life a whole lot easier than digging through leaves or snow.

5. Add Some Fire!

Fire Bowl with Full Moon Party Fire Screen

Fire Bowl with Full Moon Party Fire Screen

What better way to enjoy the summer nights than around a fire?! This is an addition that doesn’t have to be permanent or costly and can expand your outdoor enjoyment well into winter.

If you want to take on a project build your own DIY fire pit or seating area just take a look online or talk to a friend with a setup you envy. If you would rather leave the fire to the pros you can focus on creating a cozy seating area around a fire bowl. This new space can be enjoyed anytime the sky is clear!



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