5 Amazing Autumn Flowers

Fall is everyone’s favorite season of change – turning of the leaves, crisping of the air and ripening of the apples. One way to celebrate the transition is to replace your vibrant and delicate summer blooms with heartier stock in deeper colors. There are dozens of amazing flowers that thrive in autumn with a few standouts impossible not to love.

Black-Eyed Susans

Beautiful Black-Eyed Susans

Beautiful Black-Eyed Susans

One of the oddest names in nature the black-eyed susan is a classic fall flower with it’s bright marigold petals and black center – kind of like tiny sunflowers. Black-eyed Susans begin blooming in the summer but continue to thrive well into fall and can handle a little chill in the air just fine. These blooms grow best when planted in the springtime but adding a few just before fall will still yield you some enviable color. Be sure to plant them close together so they have support as they grow tall.


If you aren’t the greatest gardener you are going to need a few pants that are difficult to mess up. One of these varieties is the bright goldenrod. This plant grows bright and vibrant in poor soil and containers alike. Goldenrod do best when planted earlier since they begin to bloom in the summer but regardless of when you make the addition to your garden they will give you full color through much of fall.


The classic Coneflower.

The classic Coneflower.

Sometimes you just need a pop of purple, even in an autumn garden. A fall favorite, the coneflower, gives you that much needed dose of color while also providing sustenance for bees and butterflies.

Coneflowers have a unique cone-like shape that is hard to miss and comes in it’s famous purple as well as a slew of other shades thanks to overachieving gardeners. This flower may look delicate but it is known to be quite hardy even in the chilly weather.


One of the most popular of the fall flowers, garden mums are lush and colorful and go great with a pumpkin or gourd display. Many plant mums along walkways or in gardens and many keep them in pots in the home or by the mailbox or lantern post. There is no wrong way to use a mum!


A great fall grower, sedumĀ is also a favorite of butterflies and hummingbirds. The tiny flowers create beautiful puffs of bright colors atop long green stems. These look great in container gardens or as part of your landscaping. After the blooms have run their course dry them out and then use them as part of a flower arrangement later!




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