4 Crafty Christmas Place Cards

It’s time to get crafty! You don’t have to make all of your holiday decorations to give your home a handmade feel this Christmas, a few small touches go a long way. One thing all of your guests will be sure to notice is custom-made place cards on their plate when they sit down for the Christmas meal.

Christmas is a time where the décor options are endless: you can have fun with some traditional elements like Santa or some more seasonal elements like snowflakes. Here are a few place card ideas that your guests will love!

Ornament Cards: A simple and fun place card idea is hand-decorated ornaments! This project can be incredibly simple; all you need are some great plastic bulb ornaments (plastic so they don’t break but go for glass if there are no kids), and a sharpie or other marker. The best look is taking a dark colored ornament, like green or blue, and writing each person’s name with a white or silver marker. Avoid the traditional black sharpie as it can look a little messy, silver is just as good and way more fun!

Gift Box Cards: If you feel like taking a little more time (or if you just LOVE wrapping) create neat little gift box place cards for each guest. For this project you need your basic gift-wrapping accessories along with small boxes you can wrap. Utilize those gift card boxes they sell in the holiday section or buy a chunk of Styrofoam from a craft store and carve it up into cubes. Simply wrap the boxes or cubes like gifts, add a bow, and attach a gift tag with ribbon or twine with the guests’ name on it. Voila! The perfect little place card!

Cookie Cards: Let’s face it, on Christmas it’s impossible to avoid dessert before dinner. Embrace that with some great cookie place cards! Bake up a batch of sugar cookies in your favorite holiday shape, frost, decorate, and then write each guests name on a cookie with edible marker. Place each one at the center of their setting on a napkin with a little bow!

Candy Cane Cards: Candy canes are great for holiday crafting! Utilize those candy canes to make great place cards for guests at the dinner table! Just take a bunch of candy canes and wrap decorative ribbons around each. Then attach gift tags with the guests’ name on them to the ribbon with some string or twine! Place them in an empty glass at the setting or right on the plate! Another great idea is to take 3 smaller candy canes and tie them together upside down to create a little tripod where a place card can rest!



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