3 Hearty Houseplants To Liven Up Your Space

There is nothing quite as invigorating as being surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers. But how can you create that same feeling inside your home?

Not all plants are ideal for inside the home. Many plants and flowers require a great deal of sunlight which can be difficult indoors even next to a window. Luckily not all plants require so much sun. Here are a few that make great indoor plants…


Create an indoor oasis that will thrive!

Create an indoor oasis that will thrive!

This hearty green is a very popular houseplant for good reason. This vine thrives in low-light meaning it will grow pretty much whatever room it lives in.

You can plant philodendron in a pot or get creative and have the vines grow on indoor structures – like an indoor lattice panel – or add it to a hanging basket! This is a hearty plant that really allows you to get creative without killing it.


Spider Plant

Spider Plant (left) is a great plant for inside the home.

You don’t even need to see a photo of this one to imagine how it looks. Spider plants are another super common houseplant that can grow almost anywhere and chances are, you’ve seen one before.

This plant grows long thin leaves in green and yellow with runners on the ends that grow smaller plants. These look especially great in containers like decorative pots and fun hanging planters.




Palms make great plants for any room.

There a a myriad of palm varieties and many of them make great houseplants. A palm is a great plant if you are looking for something with a little drama.

These plants can grow up to four feet tall but there are shorter varieties if that suits your style more.

Taking care of them is a breeze – they only require water when the soil feels dry and need very little light to thrive.



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