2014 Trends: Garden Relaxation

2014 Trends: Garden Spaces

Garden Seating

A garden is a place where plants grow and flowers bloom. But according to the Garden Trends Report for 2014 gardens are more and more becoming spaces where people are hosting gatherings and using to spend time in when they don’t have their hands in the dirt.

One of the most common ways this is done is with layouts that are more free and less rigid and geometrical. The use of a garden has changed and more attention is being paid to alternative uses when they are designed and laid out. These new spaces incorporate garden structures and furniture to make them useful for relaxation as well as rooms and artwork to make the space more interesting and multi-fasceted.

A great way you can start to make your garden into more of a relaxing space is by adding a few simple pieces of outdoor furniture like a simple bench or a few chairs with and end table. With these pieces you can now have a seat to read a book or just clear your mind. You can add these pieces directly to the dirt or gravel or create a more stable ground cover with brick or rocks.

Vinyl Pergola

An even simpler addition is a hammock, the perfect place to read a book or take a nap while breathing in the wonderful fresh air. And with our hammocks you don’t even need to find two suitable trees! They can stand on their own anywhere you desire.

If you want to build a space for entertaining consider clearing a space in the center to install a beautiful pergola that you can place furniture under. Pergolas are great in gardens because they can also be utilized for climbing plants, making them fit in with the natural surroundings nicely. Our pergolas also can be fitted with an automatic canopy so you can sit out during a sunny or rainy day to take a break.

So while you are planning your garden for spring keep in mind these alternative uses so you can easily create a space that you can use throughout the season with friends and family.



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